Open Studios!

Open Studios!

Come check out my work at open studios! I’ll be showing selections of new work from my series, Holy Ground. For more information you can visit the Bridgeport Art Center website or see more of my work at

Open Studios
Friday, January 17th, 6-10pm
Bridgeport Art Center, Studio 4018
1200 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL


New website!

It’s official! Finished my new website! So excited to have it done, I think the platform supports my work much better than what I had been using. Please check it out to see new work too!


Constructing a frame loom, beginning a new weaving..

Excited to be weaving in my studio! The loom is stretched across an old bed frame, assembled Navajo-style with rope for tension. I’m weaving several pieces for costumes to be used in a video installation. And yes, this means more mummies are on their way..

Navajo-style loom on a bed frame, using rope as the tension method.

Tying the “leashes” to lift the counter-weft.

I always seem to make out like a kid in a candy shop when visiting the Textile Discount Outlet..

Playing with color and texture.

More from the Roger Brown Artist Residency, February 2012.

It’s been great to see my photographs, illustrations and collected images together on the wall in the studio. I’ve realized when I get back I need a studio space to gather my influences and old/current work together into one place. I can really begin to draw connections and understand some things that I’m talking about in my work. Also, I’ve realized there is so much to create! If someone dropped a grant in my hands today I would free myself to create everyday.

Studio wall. Mummies, Jesus, sketchbook notes.

Drawings and photos on the studio wall. I’m starting to like all of this color!

Drawings of mummies from a museum.

Drawings of mummified animals.

Close up of studio wall.

Finally getting to rescanning/editing/printing old work.

Scanning/editing negatives from Cornerstone. I haven’t posted any of these on my website, they are long since overdue for editing..